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Post by GeneralArin on Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:05 pm

First Cohort
Drucilla Reece, daughter of Apollo

Second Cohort
Ariel Starr, daughter of Flora
Diana Whitefield,legacy of Flora and Concordia

Third Cohort
Drake Hawklight, son of Vulcan
Lillian "Lilli" l'Ange, daughter of Flora

Fourth Cohort
Jake Luvolk, son of Vulcan

Fifth Cohort
Campbell Carver, son of Orcus
Kyain Ava, Daughter of Angerona
Ren Shikami, son of Sol

Cain Ashford, son of Mars: Praetor
Andrea Carlsson, legacy of Feronia: Praetor
August Connelly, son of Bacchus: Augur

Daquiri Laurens, daughter of Venus
Terra Bennet, daughter of Pluto
Lester Finnigan, son of Trivia

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