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Post by GeneralArin on Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:59 pm

Alright, as Admin, we need to lay some ground rules:

  1. This is a PG site. While obviously we'll be violent, we're not going to offend anyone. By that, I am referring to cussing and sexual references. This site will also be devoid of porn. No sex scenes, no lessons in human anatomy, none. Indirect references such as "Jake swore loudly" and other creatively worded narrations are allowed. Less obscene jokes might also get a pass, depending on the Staff's opinion and the situation. 
  2. No God-Modding. Do not make yourself the biggest baddest thing out there. Be aware of your own limitations and the possibility that other people might just be more skilled than you are. Then, be conscious of what's in narration and what is actually seen, heard, and known by your character. This may be fantasy, but try to be a bit realistic. This rule summarizes, Don't over do it. 
  3. All Characters must be approved before roleplaying. We don't want a world full of Mary-sues or a bunch of characters that contradict the current storyline. We're more than willing to help better a poor character, however, and will always try to respond quickly to your application. 
  4. Respect the members of the site, especially the Admin. Nobody likes the guy who does nothing but bashing people, and being offensive to the guys who can change your password is just stupid.
  5. You need to post in a 3rd person narration. This makes things easier to read while people are going through and avoids character confusion. It also should be past tense, as your character has already done the action by the time we read it.

Hopefully we won't need to add too many other rules besides these, and any major rule change/addition will be announced and a new post in this topic will show the update. 

Follow the rules and we'll all have a grand time.

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