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Post by Axel The Bunny on Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:45 pm

Here is the character application template. Please post this in a new topic, with your character's name as the title. Please follow directions and hit all the guidelines.

Name: First and Last Name

Age: Newly claimed must be between 11 and 14.

Divine Ancestry: No, you can't be a Titan's kid. So don't ask. Big Three kids are limited.

Mortal Family: First and Last Names. Even if they're dead, they were alive at some point. Include them.

Years in Camp: New characters will not be allowed to have been at camp for five or more years.

Rank: Probatio, Legionnaire, Centurion.

History: Your life up until this point in the roleplay. This includes your former home life, major events, and if applicable, what you've done in camp up until now. At least 8 sentences. Be sure to include details!

Physical Appearance: At least 4 sentences. Be sure to include details!

Personality: At least 4 sentences. Be sure to include details! Remember, you're describing a person. Try and tell how your character reacts to people and situations. This does not include facts like how your character likes pizza.

Fatal Flaw: It's a single personality shortcoming. Don't just tell what it is, but describe it more. Basically, tell how it could ruin your character. This means, for those who won't read further down, it must be related to your character's personality and you need to write more than 'it could be bad'.

Talents: Anything of note that your character is good at, including hobbies. To be considered a talent, it needs to be above the normal level of skill.

Weapons: Magic weapons also must be approved by the staff, so keep that in mind.

Other: Anything else about your character of note. If it's that important to you, this is where you put that your character likes pizza.


You must post your application in a new topic. Not here.
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