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Post by Cerulaen on Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:52 am

Name: Daquiri Rose Laurens (duh-KEER-ree)
Age: 14
Divine Parentage: Daughter of Venus
Mortal Family: Tim Laurens (father—deceased), No permanent family—a foster child
Years in Camp: 0

Physical Appearance: Hair - Strawberry blonde (red-gold), waist-length hair; naturally straight, and often worn in French side braid or waved crazily. Has layered bangs that are slightly longer on the left side.
Eyes - Bright blue (change to blue-grey or dark blue depending on the light)
Physique - 5’, curvy, decently large cleavage,  some muscle in arms, naturally muscular legs, thin—toned, but not ripped
Facial - Very pale skin, no freckles, small dimple in chin, heart-shaped mouth, long eyelashes
Makeup - Black-brown mascara, grey eyeliner, sometimes wears lip gloss or tint

Clothing Style: Very artsy, bold and boho—off-the-shoulder shirts; matelot-style skinny jeans and shorts, and occasionally maxi or high-low skirts; brown combat boots with flower-print interlining, gladiator sandals, or ankle boots; not unusual to be seen wearing suspenders. You will often find her in something vintage with lace, fedoras, bucket hats, wrap-around headbands and--possibly her favorite--belly shirts.

Personality: Very closed off to people she doesn’t know. She’s not shy, but wary of becoming close to anyone for [unrealized] fear of losing them. She hardly lets anyone in, and almost constantly has a demeanor of defiance. She has very high standards of herself, and therefore of other people. It’s very difficult for her to accept making a mistake or being criticized, and will often lash out at anyone who does so. Very conscientious of her surroundings and craves order in almost everything. A skeptic. You'll really want to keep from pissing this one off--she's got a temper that could put a Tasmanian Devil to shame. Expect a ready string of insults if you plan on conversing with this red-head.

Fatal Flaw: Perfectionism—Hates to be anything less than the best in just about everything, to point where she'll go to no end to achieve that perfection. It isn't so much about being competitive, however, as it is about keeping her composure together and wanting people to see her as someone/thing unattainable. This also is where much of her disdain for other people stems from--she sees the natural imperfection in everyone else and doesn't want to associate with it. This leads to her wanting to do everything herself and absolutely refusing help from anyone else. Obviously, this doesn't make going up against big baddies very easy.

Talents: Has an uncanny ability of getting out of tight situations—has a quick wit, and being small and flexible can really come in handy; natural sense of defense—has very keen reflexes; has the rare Venus ability of Love Inducement. Unlike the Greek charmspeak, it's activated through the user's own desires rather than the receiver's. If unaware, it would only be accomplished by having a strong sense of want for something (such as winning a fight), in which case Love power would be sent out subconsciously to the receiver. This would inspire feelings of love towards the user, making the victim want to do anything to make them happy. This subconscious use of it would only work on weaker minds; being aware of the power and using it to it's full ability is much more powerful, although still has its limitations.

Weapons: 12-inch Celestial bronze dagger (if not kept in her boot, kept in a sheath strapped to her leg), pepper spray--used with a combination of her Love Inducement in battle.

Brief History (Backstory): She remembers very little of her father. When she was only 5, he died in the burning of a building on duty as a fireman in Chesapeake, Virginia. With no other relations, living or otherwise, Daquiri was sent to an orphanage. At the age of 7, she entered the foster care program, and was constantly being moved around to new foster parents because of how closed off she was, refusing to open up to anyone and constantly being difficult. She went through some very bad experiences in foster care, including mild physical abuse, as well as some very harsh verbal. Because of it, she is very insecure of herself--thought she'd never admit it--despite her constant fight for composure. Around the age of 12, she began to have small occurrences with monsters. She was able to get away most of the time, using a combination of her small size, skills of eluding, and inadvertent use of her Love magic. However, at 13, close to turning 14, she faced off with several empousai and was almost defeated--until a pack of wolves showed up. Lupa's wolves helped Daquiri finish the fight, but then came the initial test--her reaction to the wolves turning on her. Being Daquiri, cowering in fear wasn't her style--she passed. And thus, they started her on her journey--albeit with some protest from the red-head...alright, a lot of protest--across the states to California. Procuring her the use of an Imperial gold dagger, they taught and trained her through the guidance and omniscient voice of Lupa. By the time she reached 14 years of age, she was able to make it to the Wolf House. She holds a conversation here, and afterwards is sent off on the final test--getting to Camp. Upon which she comes across a rather... irritating... new companion that's slightly forced upon her on the way to Camp Jupiter.

Other: She hates pizza. Loves peacocks, roses, and writing.

Daquiri will be assigned the 4th Cohort.

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