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Post by Axel The Bunny on Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:31 pm

Name: Terra Bennet

Age: 14

Divine Ancestry: Pluto

Mortal Family:Sasha Bennet(Mother) Daniel Bennet(Step-Father)

Years in Camp:new arrival
Rank: Probatio

History: Terra was born in Detroit, Michigan. She lived a happy life for the most part. She went to school, had friends, though she did have a rather estranged relationship with her mother. Terra’s mother had spent increasing amounts of time going out, or occasionally spending more time with whoever her current boyfriend was rather than with her young daughter. When Terra was 9 years old, her mother decided to marry Daniel, whom disliked Terra. Daniel would often punish Terra severely for minor things, such as forgetting to put things away. Despite this Terra tried to stay on her stepfather’s good side, mostly in order to avoid conflict. The wolves showed up when Terra was 13 and brought her to the Wolf House, where Lupa tested her to prove she was worthy of Rome.
Terra had gotten lost on the way to Camp Jupiter, and eventually ended up hiding out until a few months later, she met up with a redhead whom was also a child of Rome. Terra decided to tag along with the redhead, who introduced herself (though more to get Terra to stop pestering her than anything else) as Daquiri.

Physical Appearance:Terra has green eyes and curly brown hair with streaks of purple, green, and orange dye. Lots of uneven and colorful layers with combat/hiking boots and fingerless gloves. She is 5’3 has a slim figure and angular features.

Personality: Terra is a very optimistic girl, she tends to look at the bright side of things and tries to see the good in people. Terra tries to be friendly to people. She is a very curious girl, and is not afraid to speak her mind or give her opinion about something. Terra is an extremely social person and often seeks attention, sometimes without realizing it. She dislikes being on the sidelines and tries to be independent, though sometimes she may end up asking for help. Her curiosity has often gotten her into trouble, and she has ended up snooping or butting into other people’s business on more than one occasion.

Fatal Flaw: Terra is overly curious, she hates to be out of the loop and will go out of her way to learn things that may have been kept from her. This could easily get her killed, because she may curiously walk into a dangerous area, such as a monster’s den and get herself killed because of it.

Talents: Terra like most roman Demigods, had some training from Lupa. She is proficient with a spear. Terra has the ability to sense things under the earth, such as caves and minerals. She can collapse caves and has some control over things found underneath the earth such as gems, or ores. Though currently controlling minerals takes a lot of focus and energy on her part, and making them rise from under the earth’s surface can also take energy. (she is unaware of these abilities at the moment.)

Weapons: Terra uses an Imperial Gold spear, the spear can turn into a rawhide necklace with a shard of igneous rock on it

Other:  She likes pizza
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