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Tristryn Tenebris ((Currently WIP)) Empty Tristryn Tenebris ((Currently WIP))

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 25, 2014 6:25 pm

Name: Tristryn Tenebris
Age: 14
Divine Ancestry: Son of Cupid
Mortal Family: Salina Tenebris (mother-deceased), Valentine Tenebris (half-sister),
Years in Camp: Zero
Rank: Probato

Physical Appearance: Tristryn has straight, golden locks of hair that falls to his shoulders, with silver-blue eyes. He is tall-ish for his age, at 5'10". He doesn't have much muscle in his build, and is thin. Tristryn has pale, white skin. One would most likely find him wearing torn jeans and a plain T-shirt.

Background: Tristryn's mother and father met on a rainy night, the year Tristryn was to be born. Cupid had seen her beauty, and immediately fell for her. The night consisted of endless attempts to win Salina over; starting a spin the bottle, truth or dare, and even pulling out a bow and arrow to shoot her with (before he realized doing that at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower in public would possibly prove he was just slightly insane). Finally, he walked up to her and kissed her, without putting a thought into the action. Salina immediately found feelings for this man, and the two continued the night together, going to restaurants, jewelry stores, but Cupid surprised Salina by taking her up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the end of that very night and proposed to her. Salina said yes, and months later the two were married with a child (Tristryn) coming soon. Their relationship continued until the day of Tristryn's third birthday.
It was that day, the first of December, that Cupid had to give up on Salina, due to orders from Jupiter. He tried to ignore the order, but Jupiter threatened to kill Tristryn and Salina if he wouldnt follow the orders. Cupid followed his grandfather's command to protect his family, and hasn't had contact with the family since then.
Devastated by the separation of her and her ex-husband, Salina moved to America with Tristryn to start a new life. There, she met another man who bore her Valentine and Camilla. After the twins' birth, he left. Tristryn was ten at that time, and old enough to understand what was going on. His mother explained to him Lucas (her past boyfriend, Valentine and Camilla's father) left them, and the family had no money. Tristryn found work he could do with payment (mowing lawns, selling lemonade, etc.) and gave that money to his mother to help support the family.
At the age of twelve, Tristryn felt love for the first time in his life (besides the unconditional love from his family). He started to date Simone la Questa, the girl next door. Their relationship continued on until Tristryn's mother moved the family to California because of a job opening. His heart crushed,  Tristryn ran away to someplace, anyplace he could find.
And that's how he found Lupa? Just stumbled upon the Wolf House? Without any trouble? Not so much.
It was Tristryn's third day on his own. He was walking on the bank of a lake he hoped would lead him somewhere when he heard a low sound, like a growl of an animal. The young man turned to find a wolf- no, a pack of wolves. Tristryn stumbled back out of fear of the animals, and fell into the river. He stood and tried to run from the wolves, but they were already circling him. He knew the only solution was to fight, even though he resented warring actions. Tristryn took out the set of knives he stole from his mom's kitchen before running away, and threw them at the dogs one-by-one. Each knife had wounded a dog terribly, and once all his knives were gone, only one dog remained. The boy bent down to the ground and took several stones. Tristryn threw the rocks at the dog as it charged, each hard stone hitting the wolf every time. The wolf was wounded by the time all Tristryn's rocks were thrown, and he could see the hurt in the she-wolf's ((don't ask how he knew it was a she)) eyes, which made him hurt.
The wolf took him in, and trained him. She taught him the ways of a Roman soldier. Tristryn was disciplined, and grew into a fine young man. Lupa sent him to Camp Jupiter. And that's where the story lets off.


Fatal Flaw: Tristryn is a softie. He HATES fighting, and won't hurt others unless he absolutely has to. He may not fight at all or stop fighting at a point in a duel, and let his opponent beat him (or in a war, kill him) in fear he might hurt him or her.
Talents: Tristryn is naturally well with a bow and arrow, but often uses whatever is around him to fling at his opponent. He can also meddle with the feelings of love in others slightly ((Ex.- Make Person A like Person B slightly.))
Weapons: Tristryn can use a bow and arrow, but ((as stated above)) can also use anything he finds around him.
Other: He hates pizza, and LOVES Anne Hathaway movies.


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Tristryn Tenebris ((Currently WIP)) Empty Re: Tristryn Tenebris ((Currently WIP))

Post by Axel The Bunny on Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:24 pm

ok so the things you need to fix, how did he hit every wolf every time? I understand being a child of cupid may give him some good aim, after all cupid is often portrayed as an archer, but it probably wouldn't be perfect aim, also the fact that kitchen knives aren't designed to be thrown, they wouldn't fly straight at the target, chances are your going to miss. Also your character would be good with bow and arrow, throwing knives are incredibly different from using a bow.

Also the fact that a set of kitchen knives would be about 6-8 knives. Lupa's pack has at least a couple dozen. And no you cannot harm Lupa like that, especially with only rocks. She is a goddess after all.

I'm not seeing how that can be a flaw, let alone a fatal one. Perhaps instead you could say he is non-confrontational. as in he avoids conflict no matter what, even if it means being dragged into a situation that could get him killed.

for weapons when you say he could use whatever he finds what does that mean? are you saying he is resourceful, if i remember correct monsters and immortals can only be harmed by objects made of Imperial Gold. (and then Stygian Iron/Celestial bronze but neither of those are used by Romans.)
Also you still have to add personality in.

Feel free to argue with me, just know I'm too insane to let you win.

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