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Post by Axel The Bunny on Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:42 pm

Name: Cain Ashford

Age: 17
Divine Ancestry: Son of Mars

Mortal Family: Elizabeth Ashford (mother), Serena Ashford (half-sister) Anthony Ashford (step-father)

Years in Camp: 6

History: Cain grew up in a small town in Nevada, north of Las Vegas. He lived a normal childhood, everyone knew everyone in the community. His mother had served in the military, which is how she caught Mars eye. Elizabeth Ashford retired from military service shortly after Cain was born, she then moved back to her hometown of Silver Lake, in order to raise her son. She married Cain’s stepfather, Anthony when Cain was five. Cain’s stepfather was a good man, a local shop owner who had been a childhood friend of his mother. Cain’s half-sister was born a year later, they were happy for a few years until Cain turned nine, which was when monsters started attacking. A close family friend, whom was over for dinner, turned out to be a Cyclops and tried to kill Cain, Anthony attempted to stop it, believing that it was simply some kind of mental breakdown of the friend. Anthony was killed, and Cain’s mother sent to the hospital. Cain had taken Serena and hidden in the basement, waiting until the monster left before coming back and seeing the carnage that had been caused. Cain shortly after discovered that the monsters were coming for him, and at the age of 11 Cain left home, not wanting to put his sister or mother in danger again.
Cain spent several months traveling, surviving by scavenging mostly, or occasionally managing to find enough money for a semi-decent meal. Eventually he was found by Lupa and brought to the Wolf House, where he proved himself worthy as a child of Rome. Cain reached Camp Jupiter a weeks later. He was put into the First Cohort, and proved to be a good tactician and swordsman later on in his life with the legion. He became a Centurion at the age of 14, and became Praetor at 16.  He has been on numerous adventures with his two companions whom later became the Auger, and the other one has become Praetor as well. Cain has occasionally disappeared once in a while to meet with his sister, whom he is extremely protective about.

Physical Appearance:    Cain is about 5’8, and has an average body type.  He has spiked black hair and blue eyes, usually he can be seen wearing jeans and a leather jacket, or if coming from training or a battle he may wear armor. Though he prefers not to wear armor when it isn’t necessary. He has a scar over his left eye from a training accident that happened early on after joining the legion.

Personality: Cain can be cold at times; he tries to keep himself emotionally detached when it comes to fixing a problem, or addressing an issue. Cain is extremely tactical, often times he will immediately survey the exits upon entering a room. He almost always expects the worst to happen, and is extremely paranoid. Cain is also extremely protective of friends and family, because they tend to be the only people he feels he can trust.

Fatal Flaw: Cain is extremely paranoid; there are few people he trusts, and will often go on missions alone if those people are not able. Cain will show his paranoia in many aspects of life, he immediately surveys a room for escape routes, possible weapons, and other useful objects that could help if things went wrong. Cain questions people’s motives usually and believes most people have an ulterior motive, so he refuses help and could end up getting himself killed because of it

Talents: Sword fighting, skilled with battlefield tactics and planning

Weapons: Cain uses a spear on occasion, usually only if he knows he will be going into battle. He normally uses a one-handed long sword and a shield which transforms from a wristwatch. He keeps these two with him at all times.

Other: N/A
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