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Post by Mi-zuloi on Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:19 pm

Name: Tre Vasquez

Age: 18

Divine Ancestry: Son of Neptune

Mortal Family: Rheanne Vasquez (mother)

Years in Camp: 9-ish years

Rank: Centurion

History: When Tre was just a baby, Rheanne Vasquez was unable to take care of him and, per how it usually goes in these stories, abandoned him wrapped in a blanket on the steps of an orphanage, with only a tag pinned to it with his name. The unusual part of his story, however, was that a she-wolf had had her eye on him since his birth; once his mother was gone, Lupa took him in to be raised at the Wolf House. Tre literally grew up learning the ways of the pack, and as tough as the she-wolf was on him, she was still the only mother he had ever known. By the time he was 9, he was deemed fit to find Rome on his own, despite his powerful Big Three aura. The last thing Lupa gave him was his gold great sword; he couldn’t wield it at the time, but the wolf goddess told him the key it transformed into would unlock the only thing able to save Rome one day.
    From the start, Tre showed promise in fighting, especially sword fighting. It took him a few years to finally build up enough muscle to use the broad sword Lupa gave him, but when he finally did, he named it Peractum, Latin for “it is done.” Despite the fact that he was raised by a wolf pack, Tre had a friendly, charming personality, and that paired with his excellent fighting skills caused him to become quite popular among pretty much everyone in the Legion. However, that, along with finding out how rare his training with Lupa had been, eventually got to his head; he began thinking he was superior to others, and that he deserved the best and the greatest. His ego was only boosted even more when he won the position of Centurion for the First Cohort. However, when the Legion chose Cain Ashford for the second Praetor spot over him, Tre was anything but happy--he believes he should have been made Praetor instead, and still continues to hold a grudge against Cain, as well as the other kids in camp with more power than him. He’s always his friendly, charismatic self, but he hopes to overtake one of the Praetor spots someday--preferably Cain’s. He just needs an idea...

Physical Appearance: Tre has wavy medium brown down to his shoulders with brown eyes and a pronounced, strong jaw. His skin has a tanned, bronze tone to it because of his Puerto Rican heritage, and he stands slightly above average at 5’11” tall. He’s not overly buff, but he’s clearly muscular and could be considered fairly intimidating to anyone just meeting him. He’s very conscious of his appearance, and therefore puts quite a bit of care into his clothing, usually wearing some sort of tight T-shirt or muscle shirt with a nice jacket, preferably leather, paired with nice jeans or fatigues and probably expensive, top-notch boots.

Personality: Very arrogant. He thinks the world revolves around him, and while he might not state it outright, he believes he is better than everyone else and most of what he does is based off this belief. If he does something nice for someone, it’s with a condescending mindset, like no one else is able to help them to the great degree he can. He is not very outspoken of this, however, and is actually openly charismatic and gets along with most people. He has one of those personalities that you just can’t help but like, with maybe a few exceptions. If someone offends him, he’s more of one to brood alone by himself than openly complain. He takes most anything and everything very personally, and sees it as his right to take vengeance where he sees fit. He’s very calculating about this, however, and will take a lot of time to mull over grudges and ideas to “justify” himself with others without letting it come back to him—unless it benefits him in some way. He loves anything that strokes his ego.

Fatal Flaw: Narcissism. He tends to lose touch with reality because he believes he is the most important thing in the world, and disregards other people’s skills and opinions. He can be manipulated fairly easily if someone speaks to stroke his pride, as well as if it benefits his desires. In this way, he can be deceived, thus leading to his downfall.

Talents: In low of his entire life spent in Rome, he is a master of great sword fighting, and very skilled at hand-to-hand. He’s very good at getting people to like him. He also has the powers that tend to come with Neptune’s parentage: breathing under water, talking to marine animals and horses, doesn’t sunburn, nautical knowledge, etc. Water powas. Y’know.

Weapons: Imperial gold great sword that illogically transforms into a key. Also has a gold dirk strapped to his side.

Other: He believes pizza is for lesser beings.


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Post by Cerulaen on Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:29 pm

Lawl, nice name...

We made it together, so approved, duh. xP You're obviously First Cohort.

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With Love,


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Post by GeneralArin on Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:04 pm


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