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Post by GeneralArin on Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:32 pm

This site, in case you haven't guessed, is based off of Rick Riorden's second series: Heroes of Olympus, and specifically takes place with the Roman Demigods in Camp Jupiter. This is an alternate timeline, nothing in the books have happened and no one knows about the characters or events that happened there. 

For those unfamiliar with the premise, the classical myths are not only real, but also still are active today. The monsters, heroes, and gods of Roman mythology are alive and well today, generally causing trouble and chaos all over the place. Most normal people just don't notice it because of this powerful magic, the Mist, which is a weirdness censor that lets muggles go about their everyday lives. Demigods, however, can see the monsters and magic all around them, and probably contribute to the chaos themselves. To help ensure these kids don't get eaten by monsters, and to help the 12th Legion of Rome to thrive, demigods are brought to Camp Jupiter, a Roman training ground for the Legion. Like Remus and Romulus, the demigods must first be adopted and trained by the great wolf goddess, Lupa, and then find their way to Camp Jupiter and New Rome. (Which, incidentally, is presently just outside of San Francisco.) Once they arrive, they're taken into a Cohort and trained up in the ways of Rome. 

I affectionately call this site an "expansion pack" to Half-Blood Vengeance, a site based around the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series but this site is also in an alternate universe to that, so the events and/or characters are not shared between sites. You won't be missing out on anything here if you aren't a part of the original site. (Though if you like us here, I do recommend checking it out. *Shameless Advertising Plug*) 

We'll be running an original plot, and will make an effort to ensure everyone is involved. 

We want people to make a character and wait for it to be approved before jumping into the roleplay, just to make sure you have a solid character that doesn't contradict the plot and isn't severely unfair and overpowered. So head over to the Character Creation area to make a character and follow the directions there. (And take a look at the Power Rules, to save us a step and make sure your powers aren't severely unfair and overpowered.)

Check out the general rules over in this link. We do allow multiple characters, but there are restrictions. For more information, go to the Second Character Rules

And last but not least, here's a list of the Current Staff!

Well, if you're still around after reading all of that, Welcome to the site! 
We hope you have a good time!

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