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Post by GeneralArin on Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:34 pm

Name: Andrea Carlson

Age: 19

God Parent: Descended from Feronia, third generation.

Mortal Family: Andrew (father) Jennifer (mother), Conrad (12-year-old brother), Jamie and Kate (5-year-old twins)

Years in Camp: 7

Rank: Praetor 

History: Andrea had a rather normal childhood, growing up in New Rome with her parents and younger siblings. They get along well together, and are functional and supportive. Her family runs the small zoo in New Rome, where she had plenty of experience with a surprising variety of animals.  She went to the elementary school in town and joined the Legion when she started middle school at 12 years of age. With her family's history in the Legion and several letters of recommendation, she was accepted into the First Cohort. She worked hard and excelled in her cohort, and moved up the ranks quickly. She has been praetor for three years now, and currently serves alongside her old friend,  Cain Ashford. Her younger brother is soon about to join the Legion, and the two youngest are thrilled about everything in New Rome and the Legion. 

Physical Appearance: Thick black hair normally kept fairly long and in a convenient ponytail or bun. Lightly tanned skin, with brown eyes. An average height for a female, with thick features. Usually makes sure to look well put together and feel comfortable, as well as balancing convenience. A tucked-in shirt and jeans normally do the trick, with a plain belt. Doesn't dress in anything particularly flashy, and sticks to simple arrangements. 

Personality: Andrea is a solid character. She is down to earth and firm in her views of the world.  Modest, reserved, and occasionally timid, Andrea doesn't speak much. However, she is quietly strong-willed, and will not stand for gross violations of honor or morals. She often surprises people with an sudden, authoritative shift in tone, volume, and apparent demeanor. While Andrea is more comfortable seeing a logical solution for things, she is fairly empathetic and works to help others. Andrea often puts her feelings aside in favor of action or simply dealing with them in a more orderly fashion-- when alone and undisturbed. Despite being extremely introverted, she does enjoy the company of others and will readily engage in jokes and activities. 

Fatal Flaw: Andrea trends toward being too timid. She is rather non-confrontational by default, and would rather avoid conflict if necessary. While this leads her to be fairly diplomatic, it also hinders her ability to step forward and confront a matter. She also generally have issues initiating conversation and topics to discuss, despite being friendly and stubborn. 

: Proficient in saber combat, as well as archery. Because of her heritage, she can speak with animals and slightly influence their behavior. Her influence and communication is obviously greater with time and experience around the particular creature, and is affected by the animal's mood and preferences. 

Weapons: Imperial gold saber and a bow and arrows.

Other: She likes pizza. But who doesn't? She owns a Molossian Hound, an intelligent, semi-mystical mastiff. His name is Bruno.

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