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Post by GeneralArin on Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:11 pm

Name: Jacob "Jake" Arin Luvolk

Age: 15

Divine Ancestry: Son of Vulcan

Mortal Family: Diane Luvolk (Mother) Thor (Dog. Because dogs totally count as family.)

Years in Camp: 3

Rank: Legionnaire

History: Jake used to have a fairly ordinary life until he hit puberty. And like most adolescents, he begun to notice changes. Most adolescents don't almost get eaten, though, so this isn't really the same situation. Jake had seen a few monsters here and there before, living out in the countryside of Colorado. Most of them were big, mean, and had a lot of teeth, but fortunately for him, the same could be said about his dog. So up until twelve, he managed pretty well with this tag-team system and quickly gave up on trying to explain mishaps with anything more than a vague description of an encounter with a bear or coyote. At twelve, the monsters suddenly got a level adjustment. This fight left Thor with several deep wounds, but the two of them had beaten the attacking monster. Once they got back to the house, and Thor was patched up, his mom decided that was a sign that it was time for Jake to take up his Roman heritage. Armed with a letter and a gladius, she took him to the Wolf House and dropped him off. Obviously, Jake passed the trials and made it to Camp Jupiter. He eventually grew into being a part of the 12th Legion, but not without several clashes against his impudence and impulsiveness. He's still both of those, but now he can at least keep military bearing, and his comrades are used to his hijinks. So he doesn't get beat up as much. 

Physical Appearance: Jake is just a notch below average height at 5'8", with a light frame. The years of training gave him a more athletic physique, but it's usually covered up by a loose-fitting t-shirt and a jacket. He has dirty blond hair, kept on the shorter side. His eyes are a sharp blue framed by sharp features. He has light scarring from a misadventure here and there, with the most noticeable ones on his cheek and right arm. You can normally find him sitting back with a lopsided smile, probably about to say something stupid.

Personality: Jake is a character. He tends to be very enthusiastic in speech and mannerisms, and has a wit that he readily shows off. Easygoing and good humored, he enjoys a good joke. Unfortunately, combined with his impulsive streaks and his quick tongue, this often lands him in several situations. He is surprisingly competent, however, and normally ends up relatively unscathed. Despite his roguish inclinations, he has a strong sense of justice and will quiet down and straighten up when it's required of him. Jake is a fiercely determined person, and whatever he sets his heart or mind on--whether it be a project, person, or ideal--he will be sure to see it through to the very end no matter the cost.  

Fatal Flaw: Stubbornness: Jake isn't one to shift gears on much of anything. While he may not sign onto causes very quickly, he will not lose sight of it for the world. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but reason often takes a backseat as things get hot. If he's committed to a person, he will go to great lengths to accommodate them even when it means sacrificing his own well being. When he's set on a project he's working on, he will skip meals and sleep until it's completed. If any of his ideals are threatened, he will stand unyielding in the face of superior opposition, even if it's to defend a lost cause.

Talents: He's quite a good mechanic, in case that wasn't obvious. Jake learns at a quick rate. He's also surprisingly good at chess. Who knew?

Weapons: Jake has a shield, which transforms into a pocket watch. It bears a lion on its face, and changes with the press of a button. He keeps a pocket knife on him, but that's more as a tool and a last resort than an actual weapon. He also owns a gladius. 

Other: Jake loves pizza. His favorite kind is sausage and pineapple.

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