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August Connelly (WIP) Empty August Connelly (WIP)

Post by Cerulaen on Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:29 am

Name: August Connelly
Age: 16
Divine Ancestry: Son of Bacchus
Mortal Family: Evonna Connelly (mother), Ferris Connelly (legal father--notbiological), Emery (brother), Glen (brother), Dustin (brother), Treacy (brother)
Years in Camp: 6

Physical Appearance: Hair - Dark brown, kept short, straight
Eyes - An extremely dark brown, practically black. If not for his friendly demeanor, one might think he looked like a ferret.
Facial - Normally clean shaven, but will sometimes have scruff
Physique - Tall—like, 6’2 tall. Builds muscle easily, but isn’t overly-buff; more on the average side. Fairly tan.

Clothing Style: Normally wears medium-wash Levi jeans, beige-colored construction boots, and some kind of plain T-shirt. Blue jean jacket when the weather calls for it. A real casually dressed guy, while at the same time rather effortlessly neat and well-put-together looking.

Personality: Very easy going and laid back—is friendly to anyone and everyone. Despite his past, he normally handles things very calmly, and is the kind of person to consider everyone’s suggestions, as well as well-being, before making a decision. But because of his past, he has no tolerance for unnecessary violence and will severely reprimand anyone who shows it. On the occasions he does get angry, it’s best to walk away and let him cool down—else he’ll just about bite your head off. He’s not one for holding grudges, however, although he’s careful about whom he lends his trust. If you need a dependable friend, he’s your man.

Fatal Flaw: Prone to obsessions.

Talents: Has the gift of prophecy. Has some control over vined plants, but doesn’t exercise in it a whole lot. Mainly relies on his weaponry skills—he is quite highly proficient with the Roman gladius and also knows how to fight decently with a knife. He prefers, however, to use his skills of keeping the peace and talking through a situation to resolve it.

Weapons: Imperial gold gladius that transforms into a simple-banded gold ring, Imperial gold knife kept in a sheath on his belt, usually for practical uses but occasionally for combat as well.

History (Backstory): August was the odd one out in his large family. He has four half-brothers, all older than him—the oldest by 10 years. When his mother met Bacchus, she had a short affair with him. He left right afterwards, and she gave birth to August without telling her husband who the real father was. However, Ferris suspected something was up—August was dark-haired and dark-eyed, whereas the entire rest of the family had fair hair and blue eyes. August’s childhood was fairly normal at first, albeit Ferris tended to treat him harsher than his brothers and ignore him most of the time. However, the situation changed drastically when August was seven and his mother ran off with another man altogether. Ferris, having an unstable childhood of his own, took out his pain and anger on the rest of the family—but mainly August. He resorted to physically abusing August up until August was 10, when he finally got the courage to run away. Under the fantasized idea that he could survive on his own, he wandered around the streets of the large city in Wyoming that he lived in. However, it wasn't long before he started running into monsters. His only means of defense at that point was to run away, and run he did--until he got cornered by a drakon on one unfortunate day. He thought he was a goner until, da-da-da-dahhhh, Cain and Andrea swooped in to save the day! They defeated the drakon and, realizing August was like them, accepted him into their group to take back to Rome.

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