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Post by Lillian'sLittleSecret on Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:17 am

Name: Lillian "Lilli" l'Ange

Age: 12

Divine Ancestry: Flora, goddess of flowers and personification on spring

Mortal Family: Francis l'Ange(father), Bethany l'Ange(step-mother)

Years in Camp: 0

Rank: Probatio

History: Lillian was born to the Frenchman, Francis, in California. Her father had always called her "sa petite fleur délicate", or his "delicate, little flower" in French. She had always lived a posh life, being the daughter of an actor who had an odd love for roses. Lillihad always been homeschooled, and her tutors had noticed her having a hard time of reading words and she was a hyperactive, little girl, so she was deemed ADHD and dyslexic when she was about five years old.

Two years after being dyslexic and ADHD, her father married a co-actress in his third movie, Bethany Garretts. Immediately after their marriage, Bethany started acting ignorant towards Lilli and Francis and Bethany started having a lot of fights with her husband while Lilli was watching, and this made Liz become a cold and distant lady.

One day, Francis told her about the Roman gods. Lilli was confused on where her father was going, but then he explained about Camp Jupiter and demigods. She then started protesting about his saying that the supernatural beings were real, but then Lupa appeared before them. Lilli then started believing her father's words and trained with Lupa 'till she deemed Lillian worthy of Camp Jupiter.

Physical Appearance: Liz has a doll-like look to her, having wavelets in her blond hair and big brown orbs. She's about 5'0", and usually has a cold, distant, and blank, bored plastered on her round face. Liz also gets sunburns easily because of her pale skin, so she can be frequently seen with sunscreen slathered all over her body. Her slim build and doll-face doesn't make training hard, though. In her wavy hair is a red flower clip that she had gotten from her mother(she didn't know that until now)on her 9th birthday, and it is never taken off, unless bathing or sleeping.

Personality: Lillian is very cold and demanding towards others, acting as if they were her servants. Though it may not seem like it, she's very clumsy and gets flustered very easily. Lilli is also very polite and has a lot of etiquette. She hides her feelings very well, but if you eye-read her, you may just be able to find a hint of any emotion. Lilli also has a soft spot for plants, especially flowers, and tends to talk to them as if they were actual people. Don't let her know that you know though. She'll probably kill you if you do.

Fatal Flaw: Independence would be Lillian's Fatal Flaw. She wants to be left alone and try to do things herself, and that makes her an easy target for monsters when they find her alone without any allies to help her.

Talents: Liz has a knack for growing flowers, for they usually grow vibrant and lively, thanks to her mother, Flora. She also has a talent for fake crying, which made her usually get her way. She also has some powers similar to Ceres' kids, like growing things on command or making vines wrap around something, but they have to have any kind of flower or a flowering plant. The vines also usually have some buds on them too. When this power is used too much though, she gets wearied out and doesn't do too well.

Weapons: Lillian has an Imperial Gold dagger that transforms from her flower hair clip when she says, "Auctus!" which is "growth" in Latin.

Other: Razputin really likes making characters of different nationalities, so Lillian is French and will be using French a lot.


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Lillian l'Ange Empty Re: Lillian l'Ange

Post by Axel The Bunny on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:19 am

looks good to me, jeez another flower child, honestly i think im amazed we have so many children or descendants of Flora...and yet nobody has tried for Jupiter or Neptune yet Lawl... Approved, wait for another staff member to comment and assign your cohort.

Feel free to argue with me, just know I'm too insane to let you win.

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Post by GeneralArin on Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:00 pm

Looks good to me. 

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