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Post by Axel The Bunny on Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:17 am

Alright so while powers are acceptable, after all these are demigods here, I'm going to go ahead and put this up ahead of time so when we shoot down ridiculous stuff we aren't seen as the bad guys so here it goes as far as powers are concerned

Power and magic rules
1. The power has to make sense with your parent, if it has nothing to do with your godly parent's (or ancestor's if you are a legacy) sphere of control or if there is no myth involving that god being associated with the power, it is going to be shot down.

2. No giving yourself a power from a long lost ancestor. I know Frank was able to turn into animals because of a distant ancestor. But he was a special circumstance. YOU ARE NOT FRANK. All powers that come from a distant ancestor that has nothing to do with the original godly parent/ancestor will be shot down.

3. Please be reasonable with your powers. listen we all want the power to make people drop dead, but you can't have it. All powers must be approved by staff, if we have a problem with the power then you have to remove it from your app and just learn to live without it.

4. All powers must have some type of drawback, the bigger and more extravagant the power the bigger the energy amount used. Your character cant be able to use their power all the time without getting tired.

5.  Remember while legacies may sometimes have powers, they also may not. I don't wanna see some super distant ancestor of a demigod from the Roman times on here. Try to keep it second to fourth generation at most if you want to be a legacy.

Rules are subject to additions and changes
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