Where's my muffin!( open to all)

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Where's my muffin!( open to all) Empty Where's my muffin!( open to all)

Post by Ren Shikami on Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:04 am

Feeling unarmed made Ren very more aware of his surroundings. It also made him jumpy, as the children running around found out. As he walked though the streets, a child ran up to him, and was about to greet him, when he flipped out, jumping at least 10 feet into the air(or it seemed like that) and he resisted the urge to kick the kid as suddenly he began to glow, and then with a pop, a Flash of light made everyone turn from him, exempt the poor little boy, whom of which was starting right at him. "Ahh, shiz. Cain will have my head for this. HEY CAN SOME ONE GET THIS KID TO A MEDIC, HE MIGHT NEED SOME HEALING, OR A PAIR OF GLASSES." Ren shouts as he puts a hand on the kid, whom of which seems to be dazed, his eyes slightly dull. He hated his so called" Blessing" from Sol, he felt like the God wanted him to make anyone on Hallows eve blind. But hey, it did help when he needed it. Letting out a sigh, he felt his movements go sluggish as he started to walk away from the kid. Quickly, Ren went to the closet place he could sit down at, which was at a coffe shop, at the corner of the center of New Rome. After ordering a muffin, and a cup of water, paying the young lady and giving her a wink(which she scowled at him for, to his surprise) Ren waited for his energy to return. Thankfully the preator was no where to be seen, but that did not mean another big shot of the Romans was not around.

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